Estrategia de Infraestructura Verde para el Distrito Independencia

Tipología: Plan Maestro

Ubicación: Monterrey, Nuevo León

Año: 2018

Estatus: Investigación

Concurso Tamaño: XL

Equipo de diseño: Brenda Perez  

Due to climate change, UHI and its negative effects willcontinue to be exacerbated in hot climate urban areas, suchas Monterrey. A balance relationship between green and greysurfaces is crucial to maintain liveable environments within thecity (Gago, Roldan et al. 2013).
The planned implementationof GI strategies, such as street trees, parks and green roofscan aid achieve temperature reduction in urban areas whiledelivering additional co-benefits like pollution reduction andstormwater management (Norton, Coutts et al. 2015).Research has established a strong correlation between anincrease in green areas and reduction in local temperatures,indicating that urban vegetation strategies are able to mitigateUHI (Takebayashi and Moriyama 2007).
This plan will present the integration of comprehensive local-specific GI strategies into the public realm to mitigate highurban temperatures. The selection of strategies considers therelationship between urban geometry, streetscape, land usesand permeable surfaces, among other local characteristics.