Experimental Beer Garden

Tipología: Reconfiguración

Ubicación: Villa Zarri, Italia

Año: 2017

Estatus: Propuesta

Tamaño: S

Equipo de diseño: Brenda Perez, Ana Morodo, Colaboración con OLA Studio


Experiential Beer Garden is a celebration of beer and the contextual setting that the building inhabits. Architecturally, the existing ageing cellar exhibits beautiful form and scale, and through considered intervention the proposal aims to rejuvenate the structure to provide the space and surrounding landscape with light and warmth and an ideal platform where one can interact with and appreciate the millennium old history of crafting beer. Beyond revitalising the ageing cellar, the Experiential Beer Garden studies the history and process of brewing in detail to form an interpretive multi-sensory experience that is simultaneously educational and artistic and truly unique in the world of beer tasting and appreciation.


Experiential Beer Garden is careful in its planning of the brewery/laboratory and how that can integrate with the other elements of the program such as the restaurant, shop and tasting rooms. Rather than have the brewery within a single confined space, rudimentary plumbing and pumps allow us to separate specific brewing areas and disperse them strategically within the original building and among landscaped vegetation. Dividing these areas provides a more immersive brewing space that will begin to connect the user with the beer making process. Moreover, dividing these spaces will not be detrimental to the physical production of the beer as they have been positioned in a way that allows for an efficient sequential production line with easy access for delivery and pickup of goods.


Dividing these areas provides a more immersive brewing space that will begin to connect the user with the beer making process and enhance their appreciation of beer.


The brewhouse is centrally located so that it can be viewed from anywhere within the facility. A powerful axis with glazed walls on the north and south façade also allow the brewhouse to be viewed externally from the garden and upon entering the building.


The east wing of the building houses and processes the ingredients used in the brewing process, and the opportunity is taken to merge the external garden with internal spaces. Barley crops, hop plants, chestnut trees and other various herbs and spices will line the entrance and make their way into the building allowing the user to make the visual connection between their beverages and the ingredients that make them.